Kaise Karav Tor Bidai- Kantikartik Yadav(Navratri Bidai Song Video)


Kaise Karav Tor Bidai-Kantikartik Yadav (Navratri Special Bidai Song Video)

The Chhattisgarhi Durga Mahotsav is the largest surviving Durga Puja in the world. The story of this ritual, like any other, involves several rituals and rituals. Each one is an important part of the story. Three very different events–Jyoti (worship) of the Mother Goddess, Tripti (pilgrimages), and Durga Visarjan mark the milestones in the story of Durga. Watch this video to discover the meaning behind these three events and what they mean for women and society today.

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Cg Jasgeet Video

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Kaise Karav Tor Bidai
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