Mike Delaney to Lead Boeing’s Confident Travel Initiative


Boeing has appointed Mike Delaney to lead the
company’s Confident Travel Initiative.

Working across the industry, Delaney’s team will
work to develop new solutions to help minimize air travel health
risks amid the COVID19 pandemic and drive awareness of health
safeguards already in place.

Mike Delaney. Click to enlarge.

Delaney brings 31 years of Boeing experience
to the role, including previous executive leadership positions in
airplane development and engineering, and currently serves as vice
president of Digital Transformation at Boeing Commercial

“As air travel slowly begins to resume and
restrictions ease around the globe, health and safety remain our
top priorities for our teams who design, build and service the
airplanes and all those who fly on them,” said Boeing President
and CEO David Calhoun. “Mike’s deep technical expertise,
leadership skills, industry knowledge and great passion for our
customers make him uniquely qualified to lead this effort.”

The Confident Travel Initiative team will work
with airlines, global regulators, industry stakeholders, flying
passengers, infectious disease experts and behavioral specialists
to establish industry-recognized safety recommendations.

The team is also advising operators on
existing, approved disinfectants that are compatible with the
airplane flight decks and cabins and testing other sanitizers.

“Our commitment to ensuring the health of airline
passengers and crews is unwavering,” said Delaney. “We’re working
with partners to enhance aircraft cleanliness procedures and
identify other areas to further reduce the risk of airborne
illness transmission.”

The air filtration system on all Boeing airplanes
incorporates High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters
similar to those used in hospitals and industrial clean rooms.
HEPA filters are 99.9+% effective at removing particulates such as
viruses, bacteria and fungi before air is recirculated back to the

Boeing is also researching and evaluating new
technologies to enhance safety, including ultraviolet light
disinfecting systems and antimicrobial coatings for high-touch

“Air travel is coming back,” said Delaney. “As
that happens, we want passengers and crews to board Boeing
airplanes without hesitation.”

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