Hong Kong Int. Airport Makes it Compulsory to Wear a Mask


Hong Kong’s Airport Authority has made it
compulsory for all departing passengers to wear a face mask in the
restricted area of the departure levels of HKIA from 18 May 2020
and until further notice.

The compulsory requirement is also applicable when
departing passengers are on an Automated People Mover (APM), Apron
Passengers Vehicles or SkyPier Sea-to-Air levels.

Arriving passengers are also recommended to
wear face masks upon their arrival at HKIA.

Passengers are advised to bring their own face

Autonomous cleaning robots have been deployed at HKIA to enhance cleaning and disinfection efficiency. Click to enlarge.

Vivian Cheung, Executive Director, Airport
Operations of the Airport Authority said, “The Airport Authority has been sparing no efforts in
implementing different measures in HKIA to maintain a safe and
hygienic environment for all airport users. We are working
hand-in-hand with our business partners to look at the entire
passenger journey and explore possible enhancement measures, with
a view to strengthening passengers’ confidence.”

Airport staff members are required to wear face
masks in all passenger accessible areas in the restricted areas of
both the departure and arrival levels of the terminal buildings,
SkyPier, APM and Apron Passengers Vehicles.

Meanwhile, body temperature screening has already
been implemented at the entrances of the terminal buildings and
restricted areas, as well as the arrivals levels.

 Passengers are
advised to keep at least 1.5 metres from each other when they are
in queues at HKIA.

Cleaning and disinfection efforts in HKIA’s
terminal buildings and passenger facilities have been stepped up
since the outbreak of COVID19. Frequently touched surfaces are
applied with antimicrobial coating and are cleaned every hour.

Autonomous cleaning robots have also been deployed to
enhance cleaning and disinfection efficiency.

The provision of alcohol
hand sanitizers, which were already widely available throughout
the airport pre-COVID19, have been doubled and extended to all major
passageways and high traffic areas inside the terminal buildings.

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