Hahn Air Appoints Mathieu Montmessin as EVP Research & Development


Hahn Air has appointed Mathieu Montmessin as
Executive Vice President Research & Development.

The new department has been created to analyse new
technologies, foster innovation and broaden Hahn Air’s product
portfolio by generating new revenue streams and sales channels.

Mathieu Montmessin. Click to enlarge.

am excited to be looking at the potential impacts of emerging
technologies like NDC, virtual reality, artificial intelligence,
machine learning, mobile and innovative payment options”, said
Mathieu Montmessin. “We will also start an employee innovation
programme where all Hahn Air colleagues can contribute their
ideas. Innovation is all about team-work, creativity and courage
and we expect to make significant impacts for our partners.”

was previously in charge of the Hahn
Air product portfolio and generating sales for Hahn Air’s partner
airlines with the solutions HR-169, H1-Air, X1-Air, HR-EMD and

He studied in France, UK, Spain and the Netherlands
and holds a master’s degree in computer and network science.

Before joining Hahn Air in 2010, he acquired in-depth GDS
knowledge working with Amadeus for five years.

Kirsten Rehmann, General Director of Hahn Air,
said, “We set up our new Research & Development department to
meet the demands of a changing airline industry. We are confident
that our partner airlines and travel agency partners will benefit
from our team’s innovative solutions and new distribution
opportunities, especially in light of the current corona crises
and the adjoining phase of recovery.”

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