Diu Fort

दीव किला, जिसे स्थानीय रूप से पुर्तगाली किला भी कहा जाता है, भारत के पश्चिमी सागरतट पर दमन और दीव केन्द्र शासित प्रदेश के दीव क्षेत्र में है। दीव शहर किले के पश्चिमी छोर पर स्थित है। यह किला यहाँ पर पुर्तगाली उपनिवेशी काल के दौरान बनाया गया था। इसका निर्माण सन् 1535 में आरम्भ हुआ जब उस समय के गुजरात के सुल्तान बहादुर शाह ने मुग़ल साम्राज्य के बादशाह हुमायूँ द्वारा इस क्षेत्र को अपने अधीन कर लेने के प्रयासों से बचने के लिये पुर्तगालियों के साथ रक्षा-सन्धि कर ली। सन् 1546 तक इस किले को अधिक मज़बूत करने का काम लगातार चलता रहा।

1537 से किले और दीव शहर पर पुर्तगाली नियंत्रण आरम्भ हो गया और यह 424 वर्षों तक रहा, जो विश्व में किसी भी स्थान के लिये सबसे लम्बा उपनिवेशी राजकाल था। दिसम्बर 1961 में भारत सरकार ने “ऑपरेशन विजय” नामक सैन्य कार्यवाई में यहाँ पुर्तगाली राज अन्त कर के इस क्षेत्र का फिर से भारत में विलय कर लिया और उस समय की गोवा, दमन और दीव केन्द्र शासित प्रदेश का भाग बनाया। गोवा को राज्य का दर्जा मिलने के बाद दमन और दीव केन्द्र शासित प्रदेश के रूप में संगठित करे गये।

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Diu town itself is very beautiful but existence of Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple makes it even more special. The Shivaling of Lord Shiva in temple is placed in such a manner that the Sea Water touches their legs every other minute. The Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple is very ancient and more than 5000 Year old and it is believed, the 5 Linga’s of Lord Shiva was established by the Pandava’s during their hideout year.

There are few stairs just going into the sea directly within a narrow band of hardly 2-meter width and here lie the five Shivlingas of different sizes are created next to each other. All these are washed by the sea every minute and you have to touch the feet of God when the waves are returning. Real feel that Sea comes to take blessings of God all the time. There was no Priest and whatever you offer to God is washed away by the sea within seconds. Amazing religious place as well as for the scenic beauty.

The temple campus is nice and quiet, travelers can spend some time to sitting there and watching the sea. Several benches are provided here by the administration as part of development of the sea face.

Its a must go place and is not far from Nagoa beach.

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Gangeshwar Temple
The Gangeshwar Temple lies about 3 kilometers from Diu near the Fudam village of Daman and Diu. The Gangeshwar Temple of Gujarat is dedicated to the Lord Shiva and lingam. The Gangeshwar Temple is located near the sea shore. The most remarkable feature of the Gangeshwar Temple is five shivlinga that lies amidst the rocks and are lulled by the crystal clear tidal waves of the sea during high tides.
Gangeshwar Temple
The Gangeshwar Temple has five well-defined lingas that are worshiped by the devotees. It is a well maintained notion of the people that these shiva lingas were established by the five Pandava brothers of the great epic Mahabharata during their anonymous stay in the jungle when they were banished for 12 years from their kingdom Hastinapur.

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